Camden Jones, a convergence news reporting major at the Missouri School of Journalism, grew up in Wheaton, IL. He first fell in love with the idea of becoming a journalist when he started listening to video game news podcasts in early high school, and he soon found that he loved reporting on a variety of topics — not just video games.

He loves nothing more than the exhilarating process of finding the best words to say what needs to be said. He also likes to dance (it helps get the creative juices flowing).

Camden is currently doing freelance work for ESPN Esports, alongside work for the various publications associated with the Missouri School of journalism.

Camden has also dabbled in podcasting, most successfully in the now-on-hold, college-focused, conversational podcast, 6 Feet Undergrad.

You can find Camden on Twitter @CCJ1997, where he tweets mostly about his latest projects, video games, random science and nature videos, and his favorite, criminally-underrated musician, verzache.

Contact Information

Email: ccjd45@mail.missouri.edu

Phone: 630.815.8340

Twitter: @CCJ1997